Fibercast 42: Felt Pelt Fun

Well, it’s a little scatty this time but more to come next weekend with a little more organization. There were a number of things I missed…erg like a completed object, the angostura vest!  As always, thank you for tuning well

You can listen here:

Ernest Shackleton: Polar Exploration

Starcroft Fiber & Nash Island

Taliesin by Lucy Hague

Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm

Upton Yarns

Celtic Myth Shawl by Asita Kreb

Dottie Angel Frock

Highlands on the Fly

2 thoughts on “Fibercast 42: Felt Pelt Fun

  1. Hello Sara, (I can’t remember if you spell with an ‘h’ or not, sorry!)

    I have recently discovered your podcast and really enjoy listening to it, and you. It is funny that you mentioned in this one (Malamute Saloon) that you aren’t pleased with your voice, but who is? So, that is one more reason I wanted to let you know that I really do enjoy not only your content, but your manner. Listening to you relaxes and inspires me at the same time. Some podcasters just seem to rush through, summarizing, but you are relaxed and reflective, and I feel as though I could hang with you and really enjoy it. (Although, I am not as resilient to weather as you seem to be. I love snow and cold, but am not fond of mosquito-filled woods, as I imagine–am I wrong?–Maine woods to be in the summer. But it is the same with Michigan: I enjoy the warmth until the insects make that not possible.) Anyway, love your colors, your wools, your thoughts. Thank you, and take care! : )


  2. Dear Ann,

    Better late than never I guess! Thank you for your lovely comment. here I am catching up with some items and the blog and lo and behold your comment. I hope this finds you well and relatively warm and comfortable. Wishing you a very merry season, and don’t worry about the /h/


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