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Knittin’ It Up at the Malamute Saloon

Wow! Here I am winging it again.  Alas, I continue to build a better relationship with “time”.   I have nothing finished in the knitting/spinning realm but there is a sewn garment.  As always, thank you for your support and connections  and for tuning in!

You can listen here:


Ernest Shackleton: Polar Exploration

Starcroft Fiber & Nash Island

Taliesin by Lucy Hague

Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm

Upton Yarns

Celtic Myth Shawl by Asita Kreb

Alabama Chanin

Helder~Herdwyck Farm

Robert Service

Lore Podcast

Welford Purls  Youtube Station


Shiny Bees

Curious Handmade

Ravelry Group: Fiber Trek -Swenstea

Fibertrektv on Instagram




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2 thoughts on “Knittin’ It Up at the Malamute Saloon

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  2. Sorry we missed on the interview Sunday at Rhinebeck! I hope all is well! Where are you located, is it something you can do here at the farm?

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