Episode 112~Done & Done

Hello! Yes, yes…there is still a lot of fabric play going on around here. But, ho! ho! I have a finished sweater. In this episode I dabble in resist dyeing and indigo, finish up a quilt, tackle my scrap bin and chat about my finished items and new cast-ons. As always, thank you for tuning in and a special heartfelt thank you for those that contribute financially through Patreon. A quick note, I will be uploading to YouTube the evening of (7/30) as internet communications is slow. Thank you for your flexibility.

Jacquard Indigo Dye Kit

Long Thread Media

Ballerina by Jaybird Quilts

Wild Coast by Mustard Beetle for Birch Fabrics

Clara Jean~Wood You Be Mine for Dear Stella (Hawthorne Supply)

Tiny Orchard Quilts Economy Block Tutorial and download link

Carden by Jennifer Wood in hands-on 3ply Flat Island Fleece from Starcroft Fiber

Moonlight Meadow by BMandarine (Tidal Yarns, Snow Capped Yarns)

The Puzzle Shawl KAL by Sofia Kammeborne (Blacker Tamar in Gannel)

Pinwheels- Japanese Taupe Fabric Club

Handmade Getaway by Jacqueline Sava Clark and Karyn Valino

Episode 111~At the Surface

Hello friends! Don’t mind the sound…I was at my parents without my normal equipment. Ai! There is always something to pack. I’ve been south caring for my mum after surgery so this episode might reflect a bit more of my fringe self. Things are going a bit crazy at the studio with all the possibilities. Will I try to rein it in? I don’t think so. More to come, and if you’re a Patron..hold on to your hat! I will be uploading some bonus content which I hope includes my Mum! As always, a heartfelt thank you to those that invest financially. I hope you enjoy!

Shari Replogle – cyanotypes-Wax On Wednesdays (YouTube) and Patreon

Jaquard Products Cyanotype Set

Clava Quilt by Miss May in Uncorked by Windham Fabrics

Ballerina by Jaybird Quilts in Wild Coast by Birch Fabrics (Fabricworm.com)

Mother Night by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes on Audible and Sounds True

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Sprays

The Carden by Jennifer Wood in handspun Flat Island Fleece (Starcroft Fibers)

Frokengard from Kofteboken in Hillesvag Yarn solje (cognac) and villje

Episode 110~Cabin to Coast

Whoa! June was busy! I include in this episode some adventuring to the North Woods and to the coast of Maine. Alas, there is no knitting…But if you’re interested in felt, fabric and gel plate experiments, well, you’re in luck. As always, thank you for taking some time with me. A deep heartfelt thank you to those that contribute financially through Patreon. I have added one bonus video per month over on my Patreon page if you are interested in more in-depth look at projects, primitive skills and textile arts.

Rippling Star Quilt- Camp Creek by Cotton & Steel/Forest Fable by Esther Fallon Lau

Hawthorne Supply Company

Botanical Faux Cyanotype – Teresa Morgan on YouTube

Mark Making and Gel Print techniques – Robyn McClendon on Youtube

Eastport Windjammers, Eastport, Maine

Episode 109: Find Me at the Festival

In this episode I venture to the Maine Fiber Frolic, share with you some treasures found, interview my Mum about her fiber craft and update my knitting progress. As always, thank you for tuning in! If you’d like to support this project though a financial contribution, you can find me on Patreon. For those of you already do, a deep heartfelt thank you.

PS. This will be on YouTube with any luck tomorrow. I am working with my very slow internet at home in the North, so it’s a process for upload to each platform.

Neyssa Russo- The Felting Studio

Tidal Yarns

Carden by Jennifer Wood Homespun 3 ply Flat Island Fleece

Fox Sweater in Hillesvag –

A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm Felting Kits

Episode 108~Deep Craft

Hello! This vlog is an homage to “slow.” I document our most recent trip to our friends’ remote, Northwoods cabin. If you like chainsawing, you’re in luck…if you like knitting and quilting, well….there’s that too. As always, thank you for tuning in! I’m so glad you’re here sharing this story with me. I hold deep gratitude for those that contribute on Patreon.

The Carden by Jennifer Wood in 3 ply homespun Starcroft Fiber Mill

Orkney Grove Quilt by Robin Ruth Designs in William&Morris Co Orkney Fabric

The Clava by Miss. May in Uncorked by Windham Fabrics

Episode 107~Fudge or Finesse

A little blood, sweat and tears, an epic quilt finally finished and a day dream about what to knit with some stash! Thank you always for being here and investing some time with this project. A special thank you to those Patrons who invest financially. If you’d like some bonus content each month I am uploading an additional video each month featuring something about my adventures, tutorials and discoveries. Patreon

Quilt: Orkney Grove by Robin Ruth Designs

Fabric: Orkney by William and Morris Co

Clava by Miss Make Uncorked by Windham Fabrics

Ballerina by Jaybird Quilts The Wild Coast

Carden Sweater by Jennifer Wood Flat Island 3 ply handspun

Moonlight Meadow by Mandarine

Music: LesFM Patreon Epidemic Sound

Episode 106: Shifting Spirit

Hello! On this edition I visit with the Nicole of the @the gentle knitter  I start a new quilting project, endeavor into some English Paper Piecing and KNITTING! As always thank you for tuning in!

A deep heartfelt thank you to Patrons!

Diana Vingert on YouTube

Embroiderer’s Countryside by Helen M. Stevens

Rippling Star Quilt by Debbie Maddy

Forest Fable by Esther Fallon Lau at Hawthorne Supply Company

English Paper Piecing Tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop

Hillesvag Yarn (Farm to Cable Yarns)

Paisley Quilt Shop, Canada Morris & Co Fabrics

Carden by Jennifer Wood of Woodhouse Designs ~ 3ply Homespun Flat Island Fleece

Music: LesFM on Patreon Epidemic Sound

Episode 105: Spring Soul

It was fun to gather a little maple sugaring footage for you all. This process starts with tapping so you’ll have to wait for the boiling stage! This is a process that Rob thoroughly enjoys every year. In this edition, I highlight some more geli printing techniques I learned from Robyn McClendon on her YouTube channel. I also talk about one of my favorite yarns, Foula. As always, many thanks for taking some time be here and for those that contribute financially, I am deeply grateful. I have added a bonus episode over on Patreon highlighting six of my favorite yarns…which I end up labeling my top 5 but, ahem, it’s six 😉

You can find my Patreon Page here

Heart of the Forest Hat by Sofia Kammeborne- Croft 29 Hebridean, Old Salte Yarns from the Netloft, AK

Fox Sweater from Kofteboken in Hillesvag Solje & Villje

Baby Cables & Big Ones Too by SuviKnits–Foula DK Mioget

Episode 104: March Mediums

A warm welcome to the latest episode. As always I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. I am plodding along, head down and looking forward to our April school break. In this edition, I feature a quilt project and my latest knitting endeavors. I also include a brief, demonstration of how I decoupage with napkins in my journal work. As I highlight, the napkins open up a whole new realm of medium, images and possibilities. Thank you so much for investing some time here. I am deeply grateful for those that contribute financially on Patreon. Thank you. Many fond wishes till next time.


Paper Lanterns by Cozy Quilt Designs


Trondheim Cowl by Sofia Kammeborne in Cashmere People Yarns

Heart of the Forest Hat by Sofia Kammeborne in Old Salt Latouche, Old Salt Hull, Croft 29 Hebredian

Fox Cardigan from Kofteboken III in Hillesvag Solje and Villje

Carden by Jennifer Wood of Woodhouse Knits in 3 ply handspun

Episode 103: Further North

As always, as deep heartfelt thank you for tuning in! Many soulful thanks for those that choose to invest financially through Patreon.

In this edition, we take a winter trip by snowmobile in to a northern, remote cabin. I detail the finishing on my Bressay and highlight The Heart of the Forest Hat by Sofia Kammeborne. I also showcase a bit of spinning and my method (very brief) for plying two singles.

Look for the Vimeo version tomorrow, once I’m within range of good internet. If you don’t mind the ads the YouTube version is below for now

Music: Epidemic Sound

LesFM on Patreon

If you Close Your Eyes I’m Still with You by Late Night Feeler via Youtube.