Fibercast 41: Duck Business & Cheesy Fingers

Pay no mind to the “so” & “anyway” which seem to take center front stage of my speech!  Ger!  There is a little wildlife chatter at the beginning with a visit from my fledgling friend but there is also WIPS, some finished items, Shackleton CAL chat and some textiles in time…Shackleton style.  If you care to stay till the end I share some footage from my recent trip to Flagstaff Lake in Maine of local wildlife and landscape.  Thanks for tuning in!

You can listen here

Waffle Cream Socks by Ann Hansen

Filmstrip by Suvi Simola

Foster Sheep Farm

Angostura by Ysolda Teague

 13 Mile Lamb & Wool Company

Ernest Shackleton: Polar Exploration

Starcroft Fiber & Nash Island

Knit British Breed Swatch KAL

Hats fit for Hero’s  Shackleton Hat Pattern

Cornish Tin:


Blacker Yarn

ShinyBees Podcast

Clementine (Maine Fabric Shop)

Oliver & S Sleepover Pajamas

Alabama Chanin

Yokes by Kate Davies





2 thoughts on “Fibercast 41: Duck Business & Cheesy Fingers

    • So happy you’re out there tuning in. I’ve been enjoying your blog too. I just found your questions the other day and hope to get those done soon! Ai! Where did summer go?

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