Sewing & the Middle Ages


This edition of the vlog is all about my recent sewing exploits.  You’ll note that I discussed a temporary moment of insanity when I mention spinning, weaving the cloth for sewing a medieval garment…ahem, well I may have relapsed.  I’ll be discussing a little bit more about the motivation for this plan in my forthcoming post about forays into Tablet Weaving! Be prepared for all things medieval! I feel like my “Crone Style” is really coming together.

Below are included some photos of me in my makes as well as a few links to resources mentioned. I’ve also included some pictures of other embroidery embellishments I have worked on over the summer.

Ivey Abitz

Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns 

Morgon Donner

Silk on linen. Thread is Gutterman 100% silk. I used a single strand.  Fill stitch: Chain     Motif:self design moon phases.  This is on the neckline of the first woven underdress I hacked from Sonya Philips Dress #2



I also have been embroidering quite a bit on the sleeves of items.  These threads are all linen. The top motif is stitched in Londonderry Thread 50/3. I’ll be discussing threads in more depth soon.


Styling and photo aesthetic will hopefully get better in the future but here I am in North woods mode. The first picture is the Shieldmaiden Tunic over the woven Guardian dress. 



























The Guardian underdress. This is the neckline which includes the moon phase embroidery.

Me fooling around pretending to be Arwen…


The original vision for the wedding ensemble











Episode 79: Reclaimer

I’m trying something different as I move forward with this vlog.  I’m not that interested in uploading to YouTube any longer.  I want to carve out a little fireside space of my own.    If you’re interested in receiving notifications you can sign up in the upper left hand corner of the blog.  Through a combination of writing, photos and film, I’ll be highlighting my creative work in fiber, sewing and hand stitching.

If you’d like to see the video in a larger screen format you can click on the “Vimeo” icon on the bottom of the video and it will bring you to my Vimeo account and with any luck…a larger screen.


So welcome…let’s call back the hawk.




Hello again!  Look at how good I am doing posting to the blog!  I hope you are still well and in good spirits! Happy Trails


Orkney Wool Adventure

Blimey! I have been kinda of a jerk about posting here…huh?  Well, I figured out my password.  Ai! I hate managing passwords.  So let’s start with a quick summer recap of my trip to Orkney followed by my most current podcast, Episode 74: Bear Medicine.  Episode 70-73 are featured on my Youtube Channel.  Are you well and in good spirits?  I hope so.  Thank you for tuning in and spending some time with me.  happy trails!

Shackleton Yarn

The Shackleton Yarn is available! For a full description and instructions for ordering please visit my website at http://fiber-trek.squarespace.com


Pictured below in the Abide by Kirsten Kapur, the yarn lends itself to a variety of accessories and garments.  It exemplifies it’s wild, island heritage with durability and tensile strength but does not compromise on elegance

Flat Island is located off the coast of Maine and is home to a small flock of island sheep. Their heritage includes a healthy dose of Romney and Coopworth leading to a long stapled, lustrous wool. This flock also contains an amazing assortment of diverse grey, brown, and charcoal, fleeces. Highlighted below is the 2016 trip to shear.

Episode 70: Yard Sale

Well, I am getting my act together…ahem- at least in theory.  I can’t believe I am always so late to posting the latest episode here.  But I was prompted when I came to the blog to post about the Shackleton Yarn!  Yes, the Shackleton Yarn is available.  See the next post for details.  Also, I am completely healed and that will make sense after you watch.  As always, I hope this finds you well and in good spirits and thank you for tuning in!


Wool Scouts

There are just a few places in this world that feel like home to me, aside from my actual home.  Through some confluence of landscape and people the place just feels right, like a knowing or a belonging…that all is well right here and you’re that person who supposed to be there, perhaps even been there before in some uncanny way.  That is Munsungun Lake for me.  I stepped off the plane on to the dock at Bradford Camps and instantly I knew it to be home. I belonged. And Holy Cats! the food…that sealed the deal.  But I am not the only one who experienced this immediate understanding of home and place. In 2017 I coordinated my first Wool Scouts Retreat to share something really special with other like-minded makers.  And know…we are off and running for 2018.

I can’t explain what happens at Bradford Camps. It has nothing to do with knitting or yarn.  It’s not about techniques or teachers although all of that adds to the experience.  I can’t put in to words how it feels to fly in and arrive at the dock, to have ice that is cut from the lake in January…eat bread made in a wood cookstove, no…I’m not going to try.  You’ll know exactly what I am talking about if wild places, and old times resonate with you.

This shameless post is pretty much to entice you to come to the Wool Scouts 2018 retreat. The video below is just a quick glimpse into our time in 2017.  You can find more information about dates, price and registration at http://fiber-trek.squarespace.com

Hope to see you there.