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Treelight & Goldwing by Jennifer Steingass

Elsa Cormo

Uist Wool

Green Mountain Spinnery

Patricia Fortune at Knitography Farm 

Midtnorsk Strikkefestival

Hillesvag Wool

Husfliden, Trondehim Norway

Holum Gard Gunn-elin-folland@hotmail.com

Fleece and Fiber Source Book

Farm Animal Genetic Resource Norway 

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth

Podcasters and Designers where you can find film footage!







Janette Budge



Chickenwood Studio



Hello all! How are you fairing this surreal time of Covid?  I can’t complain as my immediate situation includes my dog and my craft stash.  If I don’t look too far beyond my environs all is steady and manageable.  I hope you’re finding moments of steadiness and finding opportunities to take positive action in your community or with family.

This time round I had hoped to have two separate videos.  One to detail my stitching, quilting, and weaving and the other to discuss knitting with some details about my trip to Norway.  BUT… I am having internet issues and could not upload the knitting video in a timely fashion. I am still working on it with my friend Kevin at the internet company. With any luck I’ll be able to post about the knitting soon.

I also had a difficult time uploading in HD this time around so it might benefit you to watch on a smaller screen for crispness.  Agh, I was very frustrated by this!~  I hope you find something inspiring here.  In the meantime, be well and take heart.





Cricut Maker

marsma (see pintrest or # on instagram)

Hexies (see Ann Wood on Instagram or blog)

The Durham Weaver- Susan Foukes Weaving Patterned Bands

Harvest Looms on Etsy

Laundry Basket Quilts

Diana Vingert on Youtube- floral embroidery

Emilie Ferries on Instagram -moth embroidery

Woman Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Schact Inkle Loom and Cards

Snuggly Monkey

Tamar Nahir Yanai






I purchased the book Medieval Garment Reconstruced: Norse Clothing Patterns by Franson, Nordtop-Madson, Norgard, & Ostergard as I am interested in messing around with historic patterns and recreating a secret life in Rohan.  In this vlog I review a little about Icelandic fleece and my experience separating the tog and thel for weaving prep.

I want to be sure to let you know I am not an expert. I simply researched the concepts in the book as well as the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook by Ekarius and Robson.  Then I attempted the techniques myself.  Wool is a dynamic resource subject to its environment, and creature what may work or not work for my Icelandic fleeces is completely subjective and one should be encouraged to experiment and explore a multitude resources to build a personal understanding and wisdom.

I’ll be back shortly with a recap of my trip to Norway and finished knitting in the mean time wherever your fiber treks may take you, may you return home safe and with lots of soulful stash. Thanks for tuning in!  Sarah

Happy 2020!  I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.  I have included of list details if you are interested in searching them out on the internet!  See below the video.  Thank you for tuning in.








Tiny Boats by Elizabeth Dougherty

Elsa Cormo Wool

Cashemere People Yarn from Portfiber

The Woolly Thistle

Tender Hearts by Tin Can Knits

Uist Wool

Treelight by Jennifer Steingass

Shayda Campbell: Water color and illustration tutorials

Midtnorsk Strikkefestival- P4chen on IG Tickets for the tea on March 1st from 2pm-5pm at the Baardshaug available Patricia’s blog- AFTERNOON TEA PARTY


Wool Scout Retreat: Millinocket Lake

DETAILS: October 22-25, 2020
Wool Scouts Retreat: Millinocket

Thursday-Sunday: 3 nights lodging in a choice of shared or private room. All meals included from our River Driver’s Restaurant: 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches as well as assorted snacks. Goodie bags, door prizes, exclusive marketplace and did we mention the cool, crisp, autumn air…fire places, cozy chairs, and good company!

Registration Dates: OPEN NOW

Open: NOW

Shared Room: $475.00 pp plus tax
Private Room: $575.00 pp plus tax
For large groups please contact us early to secure cabin or cabins.


Wool Scouts: Bradford Camps (brief video of camp)

DETAILS: Session I 8/9-8/13 Session II 8/13-8/17

Price: 1520.00

Registration Opens: February 1st

Contact: Fibertrek@gmail.com

Instructors: Nicole DuPuis of the Gentle Knitter Podcast, Sofia Kammeborne of the Kammebornia Podcast and Sarah Hunt.

Topics: Hand Stitching, Embroidery, Knitting, Basketry, Primitive Skills, Fly Fishing, Orienteering

Activities: Swimming, Boating, Hiking, Fishing


Wool Wife Yarn

Happy New Year from snowy Maine, I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.  I am in the process of gearing to record a podcast before I head back to work from winter break. It has been a long luxurious two weeks which I have relished. And while there hasn’t been a vast amount of knitting, I have been stitiching and sewing as well as sketching and playing around with my oracle decks and journaling. I have also been taking stock of my projects for 2020.  I have, as you know, wool coming from Scotland from the 2019 clip for another round of Wool Wife yarn.

Because I have such a difficult time getting to the post office (as you know…) and negotiating payment methods the bulk of the yarn has been sold in person at my retreats.  I have inventory left however, and if you game and willing to go through the process with me on line I am making it available.  If you are interested please email me your color choice and number of skeins. I will manage all orders first come first serve. If you don’t hear from me it means I could not fill your order, know in advance I very much appreciate your interest and that more yarn is coming in 2020~ Please note that yarns are hand dyed with acid dyes by me and colors vary. If you click on the photos I believe they will enlarge for a better perspective!

Yarn Details:

2ply, 2 oz, 175 yards~ fingering/sport. Highlander Fleece

Spun by Aroostook Fiber Mill, Ashland, Maine.

Contact information: Fibertrek@gmail.com

Price: 22.00 (this does not include Maine Sales Tax)

Domestic Shipping $7.50.


White-Gannet 11 skeins

Brown-Glansa 10 skeins (I have included a extra picture to try and capture this brown. It is a purple peat color.

Pink-Belle   7 Skeins

Orange-Hamar 1 Skein

Wool Wife Yarn

Sewing & the Middle Ages


This edition of the vlog is all about my recent sewing exploits.  You’ll note that I discussed a temporary moment of insanity when I mention spinning, weaving the cloth for sewing a medieval garment…ahem, well I may have relapsed.  I’ll be discussing a little bit more about the motivation for this plan in my forthcoming post about forays into Tablet Weaving! Be prepared for all things medieval! I feel like my “Crone Style” is really coming together.

Below are included some photos of me in my makes as well as a few links to resources mentioned. I’ve also included some pictures of other embroidery embellishments I have worked on over the summer.

Ivey Abitz

Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns 

Morgon Donner

Silk on linen. Thread is Gutterman 100% silk. I used a single strand.  Fill stitch: Chain     Motif:self design moon phases.  This is on the neckline of the first woven underdress I hacked from Sonya Philips Dress #2



I also have been embroidering quite a bit on the sleeves of items.  These threads are all linen. The top motif is stitched in Londonderry Thread 50/3. I’ll be discussing threads in more depth soon.


Styling and photo aesthetic will hopefully get better in the future but here I am in North woods mode. The first picture is the Shieldmaiden Tunic over the woven Guardian dress. 



























The Guardian underdress. This is the neckline which includes the moon phase embroidery.

Me fooling around pretending to be Arwen…


The original vision for the wedding ensemble











Episode 79: Reclaimer

I’m trying something different as I move forward with this vlog.  I’m not that interested in uploading to YouTube any longer.  I want to carve out a little fireside space of my own.    If you’re interested in receiving notifications you can sign up in the upper left hand corner of the blog.  Through a combination of writing, photos and film, I’ll be highlighting my creative work in fiber, sewing and hand stitching.

If you’d like to see the video in a larger screen format you can click on the “Vimeo” icon on the bottom of the video and it will bring you to my Vimeo account and with any luck…a larger screen.


So welcome…let’s call back the hawk.




Hello again!  Look at how good I am doing posting to the blog!  I hope you are still well and in good spirits! Happy Trails


Orkney Wool Adventure

Blimey! I have been kinda of a jerk about posting here…huh?  Well, I figured out my password.  Ai! I hate managing passwords.  So let’s start with a quick summer recap of my trip to Orkney followed by my most current podcast, Episode 74: Bear Medicine.  Episode 70-73 are featured on my Youtube Channel.  Are you well and in good spirits?  I hope so.  Thank you for tuning in and spending some time with me.  happy trails!

Shackleton Yarn

The Shackleton Yarn is available! For a full description and instructions for ordering please visit my website at http://fiber-trek.squarespace.com


Pictured below in the Abide by Kirsten Kapur, the yarn lends itself to a variety of accessories and garments.  It exemplifies it’s wild, island heritage with durability and tensile strength but does not compromise on elegance

Flat Island is located off the coast of Maine and is home to a small flock of island sheep. Their heritage includes a healthy dose of Romney and Coopworth leading to a long stapled, lustrous wool. This flock also contains an amazing assortment of diverse grey, brown, and charcoal, fleeces. Highlighted below is the 2016 trip to shear.