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Fibery Demons Smoted

It’s short and sweet..a little do-lollyish but I recorded and am happy to share my finished items with you! I hope you are all well and thanks a million for tuning in!

Listen here: //


Fiber Trek Ravelry Group

Gotland Wool Company

Blue Oak Canyon Ranch : Santa Cruz Fleece

Color Affection Shawl: Veera Valimaki

Angostura by Ysolda Teague

13 Mile Lamb & Wool Company

Half Hansel by Gudrun Johnston

Knitting the Stash

Wee Liesl by Ysolda Teague

Serenity Farm


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6 thoughts on “Fibery Demons Smoted

  1. lissymail on said:

    Sarah–thanks much for the shout out! wow. As usual, yours was an excellent podcast–the HAP is really coming along nicely! And I love the cabled pattern on the back of the vest 🙂 And I am excited to listen to NH Knits, which I somehow managed to miss until now . . . thanks for helping to create such a great community.

  2. Hi Sarah:

    I have watched every episode since I found you a few months ago and “belong” to the Ravelry group although I never introduced myself. I enjoy the podcast greatly. I really just wanted to let you know that I heard on KnitBritish the other day and wanted to let you know that YOU WERE GREAT! You were the highlight of the show for me.


    • Dear Sue,

      I am just catching up here! I was a little scared to listen to the KnitBritish show so this was most welcome! Thank you for your encouraging feedback and for joining the group.

  3. Sandra J. Lyons on said:

    Sarah–I love watching your pod casts & admire you for all you do–don’t know how you do it all !!!

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