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Fibercast 37: I Wonder What the Neighbors Think?

In this podcast I hostess from a sheep field and am joined by a few fun friends. I take a Textiles in Time field trip to the Mayall Mill right in my parents’ hometown and talk about my preparation of the Santa Cruz fleece.  It gets a little loud in the textiles in time, so if you are listening be mindful of the impending noise at the very end!

Listen here: //]

Fiber Trek Ravelry Group

Bag Tutorial

Gotland Wool Company

Blue Oak Canyon Ranch : Santa Cruz Fleece

Color Affection Shawl: Veera Valimaki

Angostura by Ysolda Teague

13 Mile Lamb & Wool Company

Snow Country Yarns/ Raymond Brook Farm

Field’s Edge Farm : Clun Forest

Half Hansel by Gudrun Johnston

Upton Yarns



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2 thoughts on “Fibercast 37: I Wonder What the Neighbors Think?

  1. lissymail on said:

    So much great stuff here: I’ve been wondering about Kate’s book on yoked sweaters (it’s on my wishlist) and I ❤ the swatch you made up–beautiful! Your sheep are lovely–as is the stalker (who seems hilarious). And the Santa Cruz is so elastic–I've never seen wool stretch quite like that. I'm excited to hear more about the Clun Forest . . . As always: such goodness on this cast, so much to think about! Thank you!

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