Channeling Our Inner Shackleton

There are a few minor distractions mainly thunder and my Mum walking the dogs but I persevere through the elements! In this fibercast we finally giveaway the Upton Yarn and announce an EPIC craft-along.  There is heritage breed chat and lots of natural colored wool…of course!


You can listen here:

Fiber Trek Ravelry Group

Contented Butterfly Farm

Angostura by Ysolda Teague

13 Mile Lamb & Wool Company

Half Hansel by Gudrun Johnston

Whisky Bay Woollens Squeaky Beach

Ernest Shackleton: Polar Exploration

American Livestock Conservancy

Heritage Breed Podcast

3 thoughts on “Channeling Our Inner Shackleton

  1. i just finished watching this episode and it just spoke to me on so many levels but after seeing your wonderful rare breed hap, I just had to share my own rare breed shawl with you. Spun from English Leicester from a local urban farm and dyed with plants from my neighbourhood, in many ways it is MY Shackleton project. It was a massive effort, part of a collaborative project with a Welsh dyer and it challenged me in so many ways. If you are interested the link is

    • Thank you Rebecca, I am sorry this response has been delayed but all the same I have found a moment to look at your own rare breed shawl. I know what you mean about a Shackleton project. I feel that way about my Hap yet here I am launching into another adventure! Thank you for sharing!

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