Fiber Trek ™

A TV show Connecting Community, Craft, Fiber and Farms


You are at the beginning of a creative process. While this is a fiber project,
it is not the typical medium I am used to working in, film. My partner Tyler
Walker, is an amazing filmmaker with an eye for beautiful, powerful moments. We hope to enrich the fiber world with stories, hope and beauty. Join us as we tour the best the world fiber community has to offer from the Falklands to Norway.  Fiber Trek™ takes you out of the rocking chair and on to the trail with exciting travel, foods, farms and fiber!
Here’s a mini introduction…
 Fiber Trek™ Buzzreel

2 thoughts on “About

  1. npalanzi2000 on said:

    Just wanted to let you know i love your podcast,not only the knitting but your information on wildlife,i am definatley hooked. love the fair isle sweater you wore on pocast # 27? Fey! I am trying to learn fair isle so it got the fires burning
    Thanks for your hard work.

    • Thank you so much Nicole! I would highly recommend Ysolda’s Strokkur sweater as a gateway to Fair Isle. be sure to fill us in on your efforts! Are you on Ravelry? We have a group Fiber Trek feel free to join and post some pictures!

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