Episode 112~Done & Done

Hello! Yes, yes…there is still a lot of fabric play going on around here. But, ho! ho! I have a finished sweater. In this episode I dabble in resist dyeing and indigo, finish up a quilt, tackle my scrap bin and chat about my finished items and new cast-ons. As always, thank you for tuning in and a special heartfelt thank you for those that contribute financially through Patreon. A quick note, I will be uploading to YouTube the evening of (7/30) as internet communications is slow. Thank you for your flexibility.

Jacquard Indigo Dye Kit

Long Thread Media

Ballerina by Jaybird Quilts

Wild Coast by Mustard Beetle for Birch Fabrics

Clara Jean~Wood You Be Mine for Dear Stella (Hawthorne Supply)

Tiny Orchard Quilts Economy Block Tutorial and download link

Carden by Jennifer Wood in hands-on 3ply Flat Island Fleece from Starcroft Fiber

Moonlight Meadow by BMandarine (Tidal Yarns, Snow Capped Yarns)

The Puzzle Shawl KAL by Sofia Kammeborne (Blacker Tamar in Gannel)

Pinwheels- Japanese Taupe Fabric Club

Handmade Getaway by Jacqueline Sava Clark and Karyn Valino

4 thoughts on “Episode 112~Done & Done

  1. Invigorating and enjoyable! LOVE the animal fabric for the new baby and your Cardin looks fantastic on you. I know what you mean by getting over a ‘hump’, I finally did also and am warping for towels. Good luck going foreward and yea to your Mom for recovery. Counted cross stitch, as i say with knitting, one stitch at a time 🙂

    • Dear Susan, I always love hearing from you and eagerly await my first comment here. I will remind Mum of the “one stitch at a time” motto ;). Speaking of warping that is on the agenda for august. I am hoping Rob will help me. I am a bit overwhelmed. Happy Summer thoughts to you! Sarah

  2. So inspired by all your exploring and absolutely look forward to every video as you share the creative pathways that are bringing you so much joy. Thank you so much.

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