Episode 108~Deep Craft

Hello! This vlog is an homage to “slow.” I document our most recent trip to our friends’ remote, Northwoods cabin. If you like chainsawing, you’re in luck…if you like knitting and quilting, well….there’s that too. As always, thank you for tuning in! I’m so glad you’re here sharing this story with me. I hold deep gratitude for those that contribute on Patreon.

The Carden by Jennifer Wood in 3 ply homespun Starcroft Fiber Mill

Orkney Grove Quilt by Robin Ruth Designs in William&Morris Co Orkney Fabric

The Clava by Miss. May in Uncorked by Windham Fabrics

5 thoughts on “Episode 108~Deep Craft

  1. Lovely to see N Maine in the spring……The Carden is spectacular. You will love wearing it. quite the contrast seeing Rob in his correct gear and remembering how my father used his chain saw! be well.

  2. Thank you,  thank you.  I really enjoy your videos,  they are calming, inspiring and simply beautiful.  You have built a wonderful life.Love and light, Jane Sent from my Galaxy

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