Episode 103: Further North

As always, as deep heartfelt thank you for tuning in! Many soulful thanks for those that choose to invest financially through Patreon.

In this edition, we take a winter trip by snowmobile in to a northern, remote cabin. I detail the finishing on my Bressay and highlight The Heart of the Forest Hat by Sofia Kammeborne. I also showcase a bit of spinning and my method (very brief) for plying two singles.

Look for the Vimeo version tomorrow, once I’m within range of good internet. If you don’t mind the ads the YouTube version is below for now

Music: Epidemic Sound

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If you Close Your Eyes I’m Still with You by Late Night Feeler via Youtube.

14 thoughts on “Episode 103: Further North

  1. I loved the snowy woods and cabin! Spring signs are reaching MN, as well, but I still love the wintry white. I’m starting the “Dana” colorway for the Bressay pattern, and look forward to seeing your completed garment. I’m only on the body ribbing, so I have many hours of contemplation before reaching the color work. Question: Would you recommend weaving in color work ends as you go, as in weaving in/weaving out colors?

    • Dear Lynn, I am sorry to be remiss in getting back to you about the ends! Have you made it to the Colorwork??? I would recommend weaving in as you go if you have a technique for that, I got a bit fed up with it and it turned out a bit wonky. Ergh! I hope you’re sweater knits up faster than mine!

      • I’m onto the second color work chart and have been weaving in and out as I go! Do you find any noticeable jog in the center back where the beginning-of-round is? I was thinking I could “move” it to under the left arm, but I don’t need to decide that yet. All the best!

  2. Oh, what a treat and you are so ingenious…chap stick!! I love it. Beautiful cabin and scenery.
    I do understand the crazy weather, we are having some of that whip lash also and it has just rained hard for 12 hours! Now for Mud season šŸ™‚ Thank you for that and nice plying.

    • Thank you Susan šŸ˜‰ I new the chapstick was either going to be ingenious or my downfall…Rob was so impressed which made my day as he is the outdoor, MacGyver type.

    • Well, thanks! I realize now I need more footage! I find getting all my equipment organized in the winter and remote terrains can be a challenge. I am glad you found the vlog enjoyable!

  3. Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed watching your winter adventure in the snow. Thanks for sharing that!


  4. oops, forgot to give you my book recommendation:Ā  The palace of the snow queen by Barbara Sjoholm. I think you might enjoy it.

    Cheers, Vicky (Your friendly librarian)

    • Dear Vicky also my friendly librarian ;), As always it’s wonderful to hear from you here. I appreciate the book rec and heading over to look it up as I need a good read right now…Hope you’re well

    • The chapstick was an original gift from my husband when we first started dating šŸ™‚ he carries a lighter, chapstick and knife at all times! And yes skiing in Maine is a dream, I hope you get to do it soon!

  5. Loved watching your adventure. Please consider showing what is in your emergency kit (fire and general) when you embark upon such an endeavor.

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