Episode 101: Take Me Back

Welcome! In this episode I share a little ice fishing vignette and some of my current knitting projects! You can find me on Patreon:

Worsted Horse Mitts by Claire Butchkoski in Rauma Finullgarn

Bressay by Maire Wallin in Jaimeson’s of Shetland (original colors)

Norrland by Sara Burch in Barn Swallow Farm, Maine Gotland

B Mandarine Patreon

Esther Constanze- Old Barn Yarn

Music: Epidemic Sounds & LesFm on Patreon

3 thoughts on “Episode 101: Take Me Back

  1. As a Southern and Bay area California girl who has retired from teaching and relocated to South Carolina I am truly fascinated by your opening. The snow, skating and especially the ice fishing are captivating. Thank you so much for taking the time to show a peek into your life.

  2. I enjoyed the beginning outdoor segment! You are surrounded by such beauty. And I love winter. I sometimes plug in my EZ/MS dvds just to have on in the background as I knit. I also refer to them for reminding about various techniques. So handy! Your Bressay will be stunning when finished. It’s already gorgeous as a WIP. Stay cozy!

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