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Wool Scouts

There are just a few places in this world that feel like home to me, aside from my actual home.  Through some confluence of landscape and people the place just feels right, like a knowing or a belonging…that all is well right here and you’re that person who supposed to be there, perhaps even been there before in some uncanny way.  That is Munsungun Lake for me.  I stepped off the plane on to the dock at Bradford Camps and instantly I knew it to be home. I belonged. And Holy Cats! the food…that sealed the deal.  But I am not the only one who experienced this immediate understanding of home and place. In 2017 I coordinated my first Wool Scouts Retreat to share something really special with other like-minded makers.  And know…we are off and running for 2018.

I can’t explain what happens at Bradford Camps. It has nothing to do with knitting or yarn.  It’s not about techniques or teachers although all of that adds to the experience.  I can’t put in to words how it feels to fly in and arrive at the dock, to have ice that is cut from the lake in January…eat bread made in a wood cookstove, no…I’m not going to try.  You’ll know exactly what I am talking about if wild places, and old times resonate with you.

This shameless post is pretty much to entice you to come to the Wool Scouts 2018 retreat. The video below is just a quick glimpse into our time in 2017.  You can find more information about dates, price and registration at

Hope to see you there.


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2 thoughts on “Wool Scouts

  1. Ellen Knight on said:

    I would like to sign up for the second session August 15-august 19. thanks, Ellen knight I could not reply to the gmail. Gmail said there was no such email.


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