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Episode 60: Champions Needed

Hello!  I am so happy to be back talking to you all about wool.  You’ll find a finished item here, hallelujah!  There’s quite a bit of acquisitions and discoveries too.  Thank you for tuning in and I hope you are all well!



Listen here:

Siri by Linnea Ohman

Storytime Scholar by Lisa Chemery

Ramble Shawl by Andrea Mowry

Upton Yarns

Madderroot Bags

Shetland Oo by Kate Davies

The Woolly Thistle

Croft 29  Yarn

Lean In by Wild Lily Artisan Fibers

Aniroonz Sheep Co.

Shine Mitts by Pia Kammeborn

Seachange by Jennifer Steingass

Fidra by Gudrun Johnston

Mother of Purl Yarn Shop Freeport, Maine

Kammebornia Podcast

Ninja Chickens Podcast

The Gentle Knitter





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4 thoughts on “Episode 60: Champions Needed

  1. I just had the best time “joining you” for a cup of coffee while I knit. One of my 2017 plans (and hygge initiatives) is to treat myself to spending time with farflung friends via their vlogs or however we can–and this was wonderful! Thanks for all the links. The Siri looks fantastic! I am just a little worried about all the enabling..;-)
    Happy new year to you & Rob! xoxo

  2. Great podcast as always! I too am enamored with all things Kate Davies and always support her. The Oa is also a favourite. Nice work on your new sweater!

  3. OMG, you have sent me down the RABBIT HOLE again 🙂 LOVE Kammebornia and thru her re-found three Hazels. Also enjoyed Ninja Chickens and the Gentle Knitter. Thanks……..

  4. I love the Siri cardi. I like the open look with my cardigans, too. The brooch is a nice touch.

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