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Episode 58: Honoring the Endurance

I am not myself these days. I seem to be going every which way both physically and in spirit!  New York, northern Maine, southern Maine, schools, festivals, retreats.  I feel as thought I am leading a double life. Ai! Probably safe to say, this podcast should be approached with that mind. I share my time spent at Rhinebeck, Highlands on the Fly, a few projects (and I mean a few), some acquisitions, a book review of Drop Dead Easy Knits, and some Shackleton Facts. I will be reporting on my Fleece Wise project in a separate vlog so stay tuned. (audio will be available soon)

Right-O I hope you are all well and in good spirits!




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5 thoughts on “Episode 58: Honoring the Endurance

  1. Stunned I was! Herdwick HERE….I mentioned I got some from Scotland, washed, spun and knitted myself a sweater, a Kate Davies pattern. Yes, kemp, love it also. Just got some Whitefaced Woodland from Scotland. Also interesting. great fabric purchases 🙂

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