Fleece~Wise Part II

The Fibertrek podcast is co-hosting a special series — Fleece-Wise, a deeper exploration of our craft and connection to sheep. This is a four-part series, starting the week of 9/18/16 on the NH Knits Podcast and continuing each week thereafter on the Fibertrek, here on Fibretown and concluding with the Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast just before Rhinebeck.

Here is installment II of the Fleece-Wise Series:

We hope to purchase a fleece together at Rhinebeck, using information we have gleaned along the way. We plan to include our viewers/listeners in that process as well!

From Sarapomegranate of Yarns at Yin Hoo : “If you have felt, as I did, that the fleece tent at a fiber festival is overwhelming and intimidating, if you’ve been considering a fleece purchase, if you have unprocessed fleece languishing in storage, if you’re experienced in fleece processing — you are invited to participate in the discussion threads on Ravelry, ask questions and share ideas. Podcast hosts will be facilitating discussion threads and awarding prizes for engaging in discussion.”

The podcasters involved in Fleece-Wise, nhkclaire, Swenstea, and Sarapomegranate have unique experiences, practical information, suggestions and stories to share, as well as interviews with fleece-producers. We hope that there will be something for everyone in this series!


3 thoughts on “Fleece~Wise Part II

  1. Great thoughts, totally with you…longwool, GREY, combed and worsted spun 🙂
    Working on a Romanov/Suffolk fleece, very springy!! thanks.

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