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Breakfast with Almanzo Wilder

Thank you taking the time to watch the podcast! All is well here in the North woods. I am whiling away the days with dogs, fiber and fabric. I hope you are all well and in good spirits.





You can listen here:


Giveaway- TEASEL

Farmer Boy Quotes

Haps by Kate Davies

Sew Liberated

Sew Over It

Frost at Midnight 

Kate Davies-Miss Rachel

Kate Davies-Buachaille Yarn

Cinema Dress


Starcroft Yarn

Yampa Valley Fiber Mill

Heather Perry Jewelry

Upton Yarns







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3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Almanzo Wilder

  1. Stitch the facing down to the seam it is hiding. If you shoot me an email, I can send you a photo or two of how I would do it! kachrist37 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Sweater yarns – while I love Briar Rose Fibers, I have not had rousing success knitting sweaters with Joyful (100% Polwarth) it pills horrendously, and it is quite depressing at the volume of pilling. Great yarn, poor application. However, Sheepspot Clun Forest is perhaps the best yarn I have ever knit into a sweater. I knit Thea Coleman’s Vodka Lemonade out of Clun Forest and in over a year, not a single solitary pill! It looks like the day I cast off. Seriously – fantastic stuff.

      So, what did I learn – yummy, squooshy yarns are not best for a sweater knit – where friction and abrasion happens every time you wear it. However, those yarns that feel “not pleasant” or “too scratchy” are perfect. When I washed up the Clun Forest, the hand improved dramatically, however, it wears like iron.

  2. Susan' on said:

    Thank you! I am NOT distracted by your nature sidelines and am also a cranky ‘old’ woman, on a small lake with jet skis…….argh The dresses look good and that Hap book is amazing. I love the Montbretia for the imagery and the Houland.

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