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Episode 54: Who said anything about knitting?

thanks for tuning in.  (psssssst…there is a lot of sewing)



The Woolly Thistle

The Fruity Knitting Podcast

The Charm of it Podcast




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4 thoughts on “Episode 54: Who said anything about knitting?

  1. Susan' on said:

    Finally had a chance to listen in. Enjoyed it and had a chance to comb some Hebridean from Scotland while I was listening…idle hands and all…. nice to see the modifications you made to the dresses/tops. Didn’t get the show notes though, I was interested in hearing about the other podcasts you mentioned. Thank you.

    • Dear Susan,

      I am just sitting down to the show notes now as the next podcast uploads…sheesh! The two podcasts were The Fruity Knitting Podcast and The Charm of It. Hope the combing went well!

  2. Susan' on said:

    Thank you so much. I do enjoy your way of presenting and your voice. I know that sounds weird but it makes a difference when you listen to someone for over an hour! I just finished my Blackbird Shawl, Hebridean fleece, hand washed, combed, hand spun and would send you a picture but don’t know how!! NOT the computer maven.

  3. Susan' on said:

    And I feel an affinity with this area having grown up in Milan, NH…find that on the map 🙂

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