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Fibercast 53: Gale Force Stash Warning

I kind a lied in this episode! I said I would include some video footage of my time up in the Allagash and at festivals but alas I just plum forgot! Stay tuned next time…until then enjoy a Wool Heros and Heroines segment about a local Gotland Flock, The Gray Sheep!
Thank you as always for Tuning in!



You can listen here:


Kate Davies-Miss Rachel

Kate Davies-Buachaille Yarn

Taliesin by Lucy Hague

Upton Yarns

Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West

Anne Hansen-Bare Naked Wool

Anne Carolyn Smock

Cinema Dress

Marianne Dress


Foster Sheep Farm

Starcroft Yarn

The Gray Sheep

Maple Frost Farm

Green Mountain Spinnery

Blacker Yarn

Woolly Thistle

Fresli Farm


Tidal Yarns

Contented Butterfly- ( I forgot to mention my Shetland purchase and gift of Finn!) Stay tuned next time!


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2 thoughts on “Fibercast 53: Gale Force Stash Warning

  1. Susan' on said:

    OMG…….I nearly fell off my chair…..Louise Dickenson Rich!!! I have been trying to remember her name for YEARS! I am from northern NH originally and remember reading one of her books where she spoke of wearing Only sneakers in the winter and her explanation for this. I will get some of her books now. Thank you, thank you! Other than that bombshell……I totally enjoyed your podcast. STASH is right, good for you 🙂

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