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On Walkabout: An Island Shearing Adventure

I’m traveling at the moment without my normal set up.  I have put together this short episode featuring my time on Flat Island shearing for 2016.  These are wild island sheep off the coast of Maine and I was so excited to be included in this adventure.  As always thanks for tuning in. ~Sarah

this will not be included on iTunes as I do not have the ability to compress it to the appropriate size.  It also features just music and a visual so there will be no audio.

If you want to learn more about Island Fleeces or yarns visit



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3 thoughts on “On Walkabout: An Island Shearing Adventure

  1. lissymail on said:

    How cool is this! ?? Thanks for sharing your adventure! Did you get to keep any fleece?

    • I didn’t get any fleece! I was tempted by a Shetland but alas, I have a Flat Island fleece with my name on it and a half a Romney still to spin from Bye Brook Farm! Glad you enjoyed the video! S

  2. Susan' on said:

    HO, what fun was that??? No audio needed. Bet those sheep are still wondering what hit them 🙂 thanks.

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