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Fibercast 52: Whole Lot a Hollerin’

Hello!  I am outside for this episode.  There are many cameos including grackles, woodpeckers, Mallards, Chickadees and “the dogs”.

I forgot a few regular segments, like introductions and to thank you all for reaching out whether through social media, Ravelry, or email. I appreciate your feedback.  The show notes might be a bit sparse but if you have questions feel free to PM on Ravelry or email. Hope all is well with you.

You can listen here:


Five Farms, Five Flocks, Five Skeins-Maine Yarn Club with Maine Yarn and Fiber Supply

Starcroft Fiber (Nash Island Yarn)

Skara Brae

Oatmeal Stout

Peace Fleece


Bare Naked Yarns

Upton Yarns

Kate Davies- Miss Rachel Yoke

Buachaille Yarn

Clementine Rockland Maine

Alabama Chanin

Ann Carolyn Smock by Ellen Mason

100 Acts of Sewing Sonya Phillip

Made by Rae Washi Dress



Fibercast 51: Edinburgh Blues

Most of this episode is about knitting and spinning with no additional segments. I am headed at full speed towards my comprehensive exams, yikes! So, I figured I would stay simple for this go round. For project links please see the previous post.

iTunes audio here:



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