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Fibercast 49: Fiber on the Rocks…

This one runs a bit long…but there is a book review and some exciting discoveries! I will be forgoing show notes this week so if you have specific questions please feel free to PM me.

You can listen here:

Thanks for tuning in!




Fibercast 48: Fiber Sea Shanties

Rants, rambles and sea shanties comprise this current episode but there are some finished projects. If you have any questions let me know. There were a ton of things I forgot to mention..but alas, I can only manage so much information.

Thank you for tuning and your support.



You can listen here

Fiber Trek Ravelry Group

Starcroft Fibers – see them featured in the latest interweave knits! You can watch my first Fiber Trek with Mary Jane Mucklestone and Jani Estell here:

Tucker Sweater

Oatmeal Stout #naturalshadeskal


Skara Brae

Peace Fleece

Maine Yarn and Fiber Supply

Sweet Fiber Yarn


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