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Fibercast 35: Wool Therapy

I am miserably behind in so many things…but a podcast is finally done! There is a Textiles in Time and lots of enabling!

and you can listen here:

Hope you are all well..


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6 thoughts on “Fibercast 35: Wool Therapy

  1. lissymail on said:

    Loved the episode! Thanks! I am carding some Corriedale right now 🙂 Question: what’s the difference between Gulf Coast Native and Florida Cracker? Is there one? I have heard both terms used . . .

    • Thank you Lissymail….as for your question. I have looked in to the Florida Cracker and it is a relatively new endeavor for conservancy. This link from 2009 was very helpful It is listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy site as it’s own breed now. I will see if I can fill out the differences on the podcast a bit!

      • lissymail on said:

        yay! Thanks for the info! I have a couple of lbs of Gulf Coast and I suppose I am curious to figure out if it *is* Gulf Coast or Florida Cracker (or both!)
        Love, love, love the podcast!!

      • Are you able to tell? I found the distinguishing qualities hard to discern! Happy spinning and thanks for your enthusiastic “love” for the podcast!

  2. Susan Crosby on said:

    This episode downloaded from iTunes was an audio cast. I came over to your blog to see if there was video so I could look at all of your projects and yarn. Wondered if I’m doing something wrong on the iTunes download end of things.
    PS In case you haven’t gotten the pronunciation tip on the Facebook pages or Ravelry pages: Dine’ is pronounced dee-nay. Accent on the nay. More like a slight exhale kind of sound when heard from a native speaker. And for Morgan way back when she was talking about the Gilas in New Mexico, it’s pronounced Hee-lah (Spanish G sounds like an H).
    Love your show and look forward to every episode.

    • Dear Susan,

      Thank you for all your information. I forgot to upload the video to the server for iTunes, it is there now. Again, thanks for tuning in and providing such helpful feedback.

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