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Fibercast 33: Co-Host with the Most

Ugh, this did not go well technologically speaking.  Somehow it ended up being recorded on a very high definition setting and it has been difficult to compress and work with on line.  But onward and upward, no?  So here it is…You can also listen on iTunes and at the link below the video~


Have a question about anything in the podcast?  Please feel free to message me on Ravelry (Swenstea) or e-mail fibertekATgmailDOTcom




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3 thoughts on “Fibercast 33: Co-Host with the Most

  1. anandahillsfarm on said:

    No problem in my end with the technology part – you did fine! I really enjoy your program – and I am not one to spend much time on pod casts. Keep up the great work….. Regarding today’s program, could you please tell me what the name of the podcast was that you referred to as a good one of spindle demo? I couldn’t quite get the name well enough to do a search.
    Jennie Watkins
    Ananda Hills Farm
    Port Ludlow Washington

    • Yes, it is Yarns at Yin Hoo! She just recently did a review. I think you can find it on iTunes and her blog. Thank you for tuning and your kind words. hope this finds you well and in good spirits

  2. lissymail on said:

    Happy Birthday! I love the idea of a critical breeds shawl and can’t wait to see how yours comes out. You’ve really taught me so much about fiber history and fiber facts in just the few episodes I have listened to. So, thanks! And please keep fiber casting 🙂

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