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Fibercast 30: A Knitters’ Resort






Red Rock Canyon by Romi Hill

Upton Yarns

Windswept by Emily Wessels

One Lupine Fiber Arts

Ravelry Group: Learn more about Tidal Tours: Islands of Wool

Jaimeson’s Shetland Yarn

Serenity Farm

Saartje’s Booties by Saartje’s de Bruijn

Elsa Wool Company

La Lainiere Blog (Slow Wool)

Reading the Forested Landscape by Thomas Wessels

Knit British

Shiny Bees  Interview with Kate Davies



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6 thoughts on “Fibercast 30: A Knitters’ Resort

  1. lissymail on said:

    Thanks for another great podcast–so much to learn and think about. Working on a cabled cardigan myself and thinking about SLOW movements (of all kinds) hits home . . . it’s been a while in the making and is currently (finally) the only thing on my needles. Hope the skiing was great!

  2. Hi Sarah! Sooooo glad you contacted me cos you’re my kind of fibre addict!! I look forward to finding out much more and getting to know you!

  3. you have one of the most enjoyable and informative podcasts around. I just started watching a few episodes ago. The newest one took me to other blogs and a wealth of info. Building stone walls with my husband when we bought a 100 year old house in Connecticut. Great memories. Slow wool – can’t wait to explore this further. Thank you for so much to think about.

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