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Fibercast 24: Thursday Morning Coming Down…

Whoa, its been a long couple of weeks! I have been away more than home and my knitting is lackluster…All the same there is a spin on Textiles in Time featured a few WIPS and a CAL announced. Be mindful as Shieldmaiden does bark a bit in the beginning!

Waffle Creams by Anne Hansen

Orion’s Belt by PaulinaP

Delius by Bristol Ivy

Mandarine’s Podcast

Woolful Blog

Disa’s Craft Work Saami Bracelets!

Upton Yarns

#woolwhiskey or #whiskeywool (it seems I can’t remember my own hashtags!)

Hatchtown Farm Coopworth

Fiber Trek Ravelry Group




The Reunion

Morgan’s back, there’s a mega fauna minute, acquisitions out the yazoo and we are a bit out of sorts…



Show Notes:

Bling Your String

Upton Yarns

Delius by Bristol Ivy

Vasalisa Mittens by Jennette Cross

Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen

One Lupine Fiber Arts

Highland Handmades

Waffle Creams by Anne Hansen

Island Wool Company

Blacker Yarns

Stitched Together Videocast



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