Fiber Trek ™

A TV show Connecting Community, Craft, Fiber and Farms

A Heroine’s Journey

Show notes to come later!!! But just wanted to get this out there!

Whoa, there is some serious mythological knitting in this fibercast!. I draw for the Highlands on the Fly Retreat Package, discuss reindeer farming in Textiles in Time and do battle with local fauna!

Also, I am working on quality control…but having a hard time producing a clear picture…hmmmm?  I’ll keep trying!


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2 thoughts on “A Heroine’s Journey

  1. pruprecht on said:

    Cracking me up because not only did you say “sexy,” but you said “sexy, earthen, elfin” which just may inspire a whole new fetish internet site for those turned on by earthen elves …

    So, I have my girls locked up because we’re shearing Saturday and I figured it might be a good time for me to transition Sassy to your mom, assuming she still wants. I think I’m going to skip shearing her because it’s later than usual and she’s thinner than usual … having nursed two beautiful boys through the summer. Her fleece isn’t terribly long. But. I can have him shear her if you’d rather not deal with a mess in the spring. Let me know.

    I can bring her over on Sunday or early next week if that works. Or, just let me know what works!


  2. Right…maybe they would have money and be willing to invest in Fiber Trek!

    As for Sassy leave her fleece I think that is a good idea. I will check with Mom about Sunday. I know they are really excited to have another sheep! Any other waifs or strays in need of a home?

    I’ll be down for Thanksgiving so perhaps we can get together!

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