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Fibercast 21: A Flub

The original title of this fibercast was changed due to the astute ears of a viewers!  During this podcast I do a brief tutorial on washing fleece in the lock and I say NOT to go from COLD to HOT but what I meant was do NOT go from HOT to COLD! RATS!  I will qualify this more next time and of course, apologize profusely for being in error.



Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm

Goodnough Sweater by Bonnie Sennott

A New Family Portrait by Dorene Giordano

Cameo Shawl by Paulina Popiolek

Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Co Farm Yarns

Hatchtown Farm Coopsworth

Serenity Farm Corriedale

Yarns at Yin Hoo with Sarapomegranate

Burnham Wood Capelet by Romi Hill

Three Bags Full by Judith McKenzie


You can find me & (Morgan):


Ravelry: Swenstea (Sarah) & SheKnitsaround (Morgan)

Ravelry Group: Fiber Trek

Instagram: fibertrektv


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One thought on “Fibercast 21: A Flub

  1. Your Dad on said:

    ”Flub-dubs!” President Lincoln once shouted when presented with a list of expenses for mansion furnishings and dresses. ”For flub-dubs!”

    President T. Roosevelt described his successor, William Howard Taft, as a flub dub.

    And Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Smith brought back the Flub A Dub from South America for the amusement of the Peanut Gallery.

    You’ve picked a good title for this report.

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