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Canis Latrans, Some Knitting & A little Personal Risk

Know that in this episode we introduce the Mega Fauna Minute with Morgan…and we talk about coyotes.  We talk about their life cycle as well as “touch” on the implications of this life cycle for Mainers. This can go either way for Morgan and I.  It contains a bit of biology so if you are not so interested in this discussion, tune in next time for another Textiles in Time!

We talk knitting prior to the ecology!



Brooklyn Tweed: Loft & Shelter

Guernsey Triangle by Jared Flood

Rhoda Brioche Cowl by Mercedes Tarasovich Clark

Knitted Wit Yarns

Brush Creek Cowlette by Carina Spencer

Burnham Wood Capelet by Romi Hill

Sullivan by Whitney Greg-Harrisson

Meadowcroft Farm

Long Plains Alpaca Farm

Maine Fiber Frolic





Textiles in Time

I am solo this week. There is a FO and some spinning! Plus I introduce a new segment, Textiles in Time. A smidge of acquisitions and discoveries and a down the pike stories about bears.



Shield Maiden by Emily Estrada

Spunky Eclectic

Three Waters Farm

Ross Farm Fibers

Snowcapped Yarns at the Netloft

Viking Age Tool & Techniques




Morgan joins me this week to assist in recapping MS&W.  I have a feeling more will unfold in the coming weeks.  There is A LOT of acquisitions and discoveries but we try to break it up bit with some fun facts on guard dogs and long wool breeds.  We’ll see if you think they are “fun”.  The show notes this week will become there own page on the blog as there are a number of links to transfer over in the mean time I figured it would be best to get this published!  Hope this finds you well and in good spirits!

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