Raccoons, Raccoons & More Raccoons

On this edition there is a distracting dog guarding the house from…you guessed.. racoons!  You get to hear my “firm” voice as I try to assuage her barking. Ai!  I am preparing for Maryland Sheep and Wool as well as recovering from an epic weekend with Starcroft Fiber Mill & Mary Jane Mucklestone.  Not a ton of knitting, but my hope is the 24 hour car ride will help to remedy that.



Show Notes:


Rhoda Brioche Cowl

Burnham Wood Capelet

Curious Handmade

Orkney, Scotland (Eday)

North Ronaldsay Yarns

Ravelry: Fiber Trek

YouTube: Fiber Trek

Instagram: fibertrektv

Twitter: Fiber Trek

Maryland Sheep & Wool

7 thoughts on “Raccoons, Raccoons & More Raccoons

  1. I enjoyed this episode a lot. Fern sounds –literally–like a wonderful shield maiden. The way you reacted to her reminded me of how I react to my dear little yappy poodle; I can tune her out for a while but eventually I get tired and react, all of which she completely understands. Does Fern help guard your sheep? My Coco definitely tries to guard my house, but only when I’m in it to back her up.

    Thanks for the suggestion of a new podcast to listen to and your wonderful reminiscences of your time on the island croft. I’ve got a sabbatical leave coming up and am looking around for a wwoofing location to try, so you gave me some new locations to explore.

    Can’t wait to watch the results of your last weekend ‘s filming. Hope you’re planning to do more at Maryland S&W. Have a great time!

    • I think a woof across the British Isle would be pretty awesome! But then there is always Chile, Norway and New Zealand. I can’t wait to hear more and where you decide to go! Thank you for the lovely feedback on the podcast. Obviously, my dogs are not as interested! But you are right, I can tune her out for a while and then “bam” I just can’t manage it in silence anymore! Fern used to guard my sheep so I can’t fault her for any guarding habits or instincts, it’s who she is. I will try and remember to share a little story about her on my next edition regarding a bear! I love that you are back-up for CoCo! Fern is pretty head strong and could care less what I think…she is going in “guns blazin” so to speak. I retired her from guarding about four years ago due to a slight knee injury and some farm politics about dogs. She and her co-conspirator Coe (my other guard dog but I use the term “guard” loosely…came to live with me. And now instead of sheep, they guard me! keep me posted on the great sabbatical!

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  3. I am truly enjoying your vid cast, Sarah. And what a romantic story of how you acquired your amazing knowledge of sheep and love of knitting with authentic wool. It all makes sense now. I am so tempted to join your island wool KAL with my Stansborough fleece but just don’t know if I can fit it into my schedule. If I can, I will but know that either way I’m joining with everyone in spirit. Keep up the great work and if you ever decide to ‘trek’ to the opposite coast, (i.e. Black Sheep Gathering, Judith Mckenzie, Lopez Island wool, etc) you have a home base at my place near Portland, OR.
    Happy trekking!
    Carin (The Knit Wits)

    • I am so happy you are enjoying it! If you can’t fit in the island wool KAL at least share with us your progress! I think I want to get a fleece next year! I almost bought a Gotland at MS&W and I am sure I will learn about your “adventures in processing” on the podcast. I have big plans for the opposite coast, even if it is a private “Fiber Trek” but the Black Sheep Gathering is on my list and I love Judith Mckenzie, what a gem! I also just learned about Lopez Island Wool and have it as a priority to add to the “collection”. I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I am in your neck of the woods! Thank you for the encouraging words!


      • I have 2 Gotland sheep farms near me. I’m tempted to contact them and snag a fleece to appeal to my Swedish heritage but I feel I need to swallow what’s on my plate first. 🙂
        Judith is the fleece judge again at Black Sheep this year. It is unheard of for her to judge two years in a row. I get to sit and listen to her fount of sheep knowledge for hours for free! I discovered Lopez Island wool last year at OFFF and sadly had already spent my quota when I found it.
        No doubt you will enjoy your PNW trek when it finally happens.

      • good to know I have a scout out there should I want to snag a fleece! I am sure an errand to the local farm to take a look for me would not be THAT much of an imposition!

        As far as tempering “the fleece collection” I believe it was Judith who said she is not comfortable unless there is at least 2000lbs of fleece in the stash…now that is a policy I can get behind!

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