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Iron Age Alpacas? Really?

I don’t know what happened in this episode but somehow I get a little anxious about working with Alpaca fiber.  What this is about I don’t know? Is it gauge anxiety?  Is it some sort of commencing panic?  Forgive me. I promise to know more and do better next time.  There is mucho enabling with Snow Capped Yarns and the prizes for the Island Wool KAL have arrived!


Bare Naked Knitspot

Blue Peninsula: Bonnie Sennott, Goodnough

Rhoda Brioche Cowl: Knitted Wit

Gyllis: Stephen West

Maine Fiber Frolic


Stashless Podcast

Carolina Fiber Girls

Snow Capped Yarn

Twilight Forge

Maryland Sheep & Wool




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3 thoughts on “Iron Age Alpacas? Really?

  1. Sue Hunt on said:

    I don’t get excited about working with alpaca yarn but I love things made from it!!!!

  2. I’m still catching up on all of your previous episodes, loved this one! I think you’re very wise in planning ahead with the stash so that you’ll have plenty of yarn and fiber for next year 😉

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