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Hogs, Gimmers & General Silly Business

This week my friend Morgan joins me just for fun. We share her projects and acquisitions as I have not made a lot of progress on ANYTHING.

We also talk about an KAL for the group inspired by my husband and discuss a few fun facts about sheep husbandry as the plan for Maryland Sheep & Wool unfolds.




Quince & Co


Fingerlakes Woolen Mill

Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Maryland Sheep & Wool




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2 thoughts on “Hogs, Gimmers & General Silly Business

  1. Louise on said:

    Loving the shout out but I don’t live in Inverness. I live 120 miles north.
    Plus we need to work on your pronunciation of the whisky names.
    I didn’t know that people imported water for their dram that’s hilarious. Ours comes out the tap cos we aren’t posh.
    Love you having company.

    • Thanks Louise..I’ll work on my pronunciations but I think I need to come to Scotland for a private lesson no? I’ll note the correction on your habitat! I get that all the time here in the US…”Maine? Isn’t that in Canada?” “How far is that from Boston?” I don’t even mention the unorganized territory part…they might think I fell off the face of the earth! See you on the screen!

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