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A TV show Connecting Community, Craft, Fiber and Farms

Winter is the New Spring

I think I may have mastered the quality issues from last time.  I know, I know there is always room for improvement.  Really, the next big hurdle is to get this feed on iTunes which I think is going to take some investment.

A couple things to be mindful of….1. at some point in the podcast my Pyr starts barking at the wild turkeys, I never went back and posted a warning.  So be mindful if you are using earbuds. 

I will be posting a little spring reflection this upcoming week so “readers” there will be something to read soon!  Also, Tyler just finished a rug hooking Mini Trek we will post that ASAP. As always, thanks a million for your support!



Ravelry Group:  FiberTrek

Instagram: fibertrektv



Knit FM with Pam Allen & Hannah Fetig

The Knit Wits

Woolen Rabbit-Emma polworth/silk

Marin by Ysolda Teague & Such a Winter’s Day by Heidi Kirrmaier

Mikado Cowl by StichNerd Designs & Bare Naked Wools: Kent Worsted

Burnham Wood Capelet by Romi Hill & Stansborough Grey

Highland Handmades: Black Ash Worsted & Barley by Tin Can Knits

Jill Draper Makes Stuff


Snow Capped Yarns the Blog and the YouTube Link










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