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Winter is the New Spring

I think I may have mastered the quality issues from last time.  I know, I know there is always room for improvement.  Really, the next big hurdle is to get this feed on iTunes which I think is going to take some investment.

A couple things to be mindful of….1. at some point in the podcast my Pyr starts barking at the wild turkeys, I never went back and posted a warning.  So be mindful if you are using earbuds. 

I will be posting a little spring reflection this upcoming week so “readers” there will be something to read soon!  Also, Tyler just finished a rug hooking Mini Trek we will post that ASAP. As always, thanks a million for your support!



Ravelry Group:  FiberTrek

Instagram: fibertrektv



Knit FM with Pam Allen & Hannah Fetig

The Knit Wits

Woolen Rabbit-Emma polworth/silk

Marin by Ysolda Teague & Such a Winter’s Day by Heidi Kirrmaier

Mikado Cowl by StichNerd Designs & Bare Naked Wools: Kent Worsted

Burnham Wood Capelet by Romi Hill & Stansborough Grey

Highland Handmades: Black Ash Worsted & Barley by Tin Can Knits

Jill Draper Makes Stuff


Snow Capped Yarns the Blog and the YouTube Link










Ack! The Face

There is one major announcement you are not going want to miss!  Our buzzreel is complete and available!…

We are working on a series of shorts but for now this is the essence of what we are doing, there is of course room for improvement, but it feels incredibly satisfying to have this out there, like there is a reason Tyler and I jumped off the cliff and whoa-ho look at that, the parachute opened! We’ve not landed yet!

I decided to take the blog to another level this time with the addition of a short video cast.  And I know the quality of the picture is bleck, so here’s a tip don’t click the full screen button! I did not want technology to stifle the momentum however so onward and outward to you.  I, with the help of my dear husband, am working on a variety of solutions…lets hope the marriage survives.

In this episode there is a little mix of Fiber Trek progress as well as knitting.  I also talk about a few yarns and continually make a silly face, is it a twitch? I don’t know but its there and with any luck your computer won’t freeze at just the right moment to capture it as a still!

Yarn Links:

Blacker Yarns (I say in the podcast she is in Wales but in fact she is in Cornwall, England.)

Upton Yarns

Starcroft Fiber


Mary Jane Mucklestone

Where you can find us:

Instagram: Fibertrektv








Marin by Ysolda Teague

Such a Winter’s Day by Heidi Kirrmaier

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