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Beating Down the Path

I am employing a short and sweet strategy this time around as my husband and I are getting ready to embark on an epic roadtrek to florida.  We have the dogsitter organized, snacks, and a selection of music and books on tape.  I am frantic with keeping up my day jobs and fiber related escapades not to mention my projects but somehow I am looking forward to the road,time and miles ticking away with nothing to do but just listen, knit and be with my man.  I know, I know the driving, the sitting, the traffic..I am sure that will catch up with me and I will be cursing my way through Hartford but for now…I am thinking about early mornings, gas station coffee, The Smokey Mountains, and car picnics. 


I told you I would post a few shots of my sweater project for my buddy who reconstructed the Land Rover.  Here it is.  It’s been squirrled away though…awaiting early morning gas station coffee, awaiting its first glimpse of the Smokey’s and happy to be trekking.  The furthers I have ever taken a knitting project was to Churchill ,Manitoba. How about you?

Cherrio for now…


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One thought on “Beating Down the Path

  1. Carol Haines on said:

    Just discovered your podcasts and I am very excited to follow and learn all that you have to offer. Ethical farming of these amazing animals is of great concern to me and appears to be to you as well. This is a concern that we all who work with fibre should be mindful of. In one of your podcasts you mention arctic fox fibre…these wild creatures are struggling for survival and are harvested only for their fur. It is my hope that all of us who love fibre will expect that the fibre is sourced only from farms where these animals are raised in an ethical manner. By refusing to use fibre from animals where ethical practice is ignored then we can affect change and we can pursue our passion with a clear conscience.
    Thank you for your time.

    Carol Haines

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