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Wool Rover

It’s coming and I cannot contain myself!  The Laverne to my Shirley, the Lenny to my Squiggy, my land rover is coming home on Saturday after a three year overhaul hiatus!  But Striker sure is a beaut…mint chip green ~sigh!  I bought this truck during a possessed Anglophile moment that has since progressed.  I needed a little help along the way and started to trade knitted garments for mechanical assistance.  

Deconstructed on original 71 frame

One new truck frame later, all new brake lines, perfectly patched bulkhead and a new horn, this rig is ready to assist me and Tyler on our lastest project.  It might take a while to get where we going but that is half the journey! 

Rover Rebuillt on a Galvanized Frame

Curious to know what my Rover Guru is getting for this project?  Stay tuned for pics but I can tell you I bought the yarn from Nanne Kennedy of Meadow Croft Farm, SeaColors and I am knitting Staghorn from A Fine Fleece by Lisa Llyod…can’t wait for my upcoming road trip to Florida, you can bet I’ll be knitting and trekking!


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