Fiber Trek ™

A TV show Connecting Community, Craft, Fiber and Farms

We’re Treking

Welcome! You are at the beginning of a creative process. While this is a fiber project, it is not the typical medium I am used to working in, film. My partner Tyler Walker, is an amazing filmmaker with an eye for beautiful, powerful moments. We hope to enrich the fiber world with stories, hope and beauty.

We are in the process of putting together a pilot/documentary on fiber, farms, travel, and food!. Currently, we are focusing on the Maine Coast, as this is our home state. We have our first interviews lined up and will start shooting on Sept 12th. Very exiciting! We hope that subsquent shows will be about fiber around the world not just in Maine, visiting farms,cultures and eating along the way. Our focus is how landscape/place shapes fiber expression, technique and communtiy. We also have a goal of highlighting local economies. So stay tuned will have more updates soon!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Raverly


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One thought on “We’re Treking

  1. You guys should have a show like the Rick Steeves show!

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